Come together for Nepal

Apr 27, 2015, 17:46 IST

Nepal earthquake

Photograph: World Vision

An entire country is suffering and struggling to cope with the devastating earthquake. Nature’s fury has left more than 3700 people dead and several injured. Relief operations are being carried out and help in way of food, medical aid and clothes is being sent out to the people of Nepal from its neighbouring countries. But with the Met department’s warning, the situation is going to stay vulnerable the upcoming few days.

We are sure, people keeping a tab on the Nepal quake updates are sending positive thoughts and energy to the families of the victims and praying for the survivors. But that is not all it will be needed to resurrect the country and help its people. We urge Healthntrends readers to do their bit and donate for Nepal. Here are a few organisations you can donate through. 

Save the Children

Global Giving

Friends Service Council Nepal



World Vision