Healthntrends launches safety app

Oct 27, 2015, 16:03 IST


Photograph: Gail D’silva, Madhu Chopra, Mandira Bedi, Tanya Chaitanya, Savita Chhabra, Asmita Dighavkar and Sheela Sail

Every day, newspapers are filled with headlines of gruesome crimes committed against women. And every now and then we see trends on Twitter that highlight how irrespective of which strata of the society we come from, there can be a potential molester or attacker anywhere. While singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya was in news a few days ago for molesting a woman at Durga Puja pandal in Mumbai, today we have Indian cricketer Amit Mishra trending on Twitter. He has booked for physically assaulting a woman friend last month when he was in Bengaluru during a training camp.

We don't even need to go into statistics to confront how huge the problem is. Women can no longer depend on just a safety pin tucked away in the folds of one’s fabric or a pepper spray hidden in the recesses of one’s purse for their safety. They need something that’s reliable, effective and always at an arm’s length.  With that idea in mind, Healthntrends has launched the Healthntrends To Your Rescue app. Download here

What the Healthntrends To Your Rescue app offers
-- Security on your fingertips
-- A panic button that can be activated in case one senses danger.
-- Using GPS, the app tracks the person’s whereabouts and sends it to the ICE (in case of emergency) on the contact list.
-- It also includes a siren that can be activated to scare attackers and a location-wise list of police stations and hospitals.

The launch of the mobile app was announced at a press conference held at the Police Gymkhana, Mumbai on Tuesday, 27th October 2015. In attendance at the press conference were high profile dignitaries like Joint Commissioner Police Crime Branch Mr. Atul Kukarni, DCP crime against women cell – Ms. Sheela Sail, Deputy RTO – Ms. Asmita Dighavkar, Actress Mandira Bedi, Miss India Gail D’silva, Dr Madhu Chopra of Studio Aesthetique, Sheetal Biyani of Sheetal Creations, Arvind Singhatiya – VP, Corporate Affairs at Ola, Mrs. Savita Chhabra – Vice Chairperson at HRIPL and Tanya Chaitanya, Chief Editor of Healthntrends.

They discussed the safety issues plaguing women in the country, the need for initiatives to address these issues and the contribution of their organisation towards it. This was followed by the launch of the Healthntrends To Your Rescue app.

Download the app and know more about how it works here


Photograph: Tanya Chaitanya addresses the media as Mandira Bedia and Sheetal Biyani look on.

Sharing her thoughts, Tanya Chaitanya, Chief Editor, Healthntrends says, “'You can be careful, smart and cautious but you can't keep watching over your shoulder all the time. It is that moment when you're too preoccupied to notice your surroundings that the predator seizes. Healthntrends to your Rescue, the app, gives you the access to your own safety 24/7. Stay alert, stay smart and keep the Healthntrends app handy.”

“Unlike other apps, Healthntrends To Your Rescue is packed with information. And information makes you powerful,” said Mandira Bedi, at the launch of the app.


Photograph: Gail D’silva, Sheetal Biyani and Mandira Bedi

Model and former Miss India Gail D’silva added that it is a great app for working women like her. “Women are now working longer hours and many jobs now involve working late nights. This is a great app for such women, as it ensures their safety,” said Gail.


Photograph: Arvind Singhatiya, Asmita Dighavkar, Tanya Chaitanya and Sheela Sail

Healthntrends To Your Rescue is a collaborative effort in which the Mumbai Police is actively involved. Sheela Sail, DCP crime against women cell, spoke about all the efforts that the Mumbai police is already making towards ensuring the safety of women in the city. “Women’s safety is our top priority. Once a call comes to the control room, it is immediately diverted to the concerned police station, from where a beat marshal or a police van is sent to the area from where the complaint has been made. We try to reach the spot within four minutes and a maximum of 10 to 12 minutes,” she revealed.

Arvind Singhatiya – VP, Corporate Affairs at Ola, too revealed that taking serious note of the rise in crimes a cabs last year, Ola has installed a permanent GPS tracking system in Ola cabs. “Apart from this, we also do a thorough background check of all the drivers employed, and pay particular attention to checking their criminal background.”


Photograph: Tanya Chaitanya and Sheela Sail, DCP crime against women cell, share a light moment

Speaking about her work as a counsellor and a doctor Madhu Chopra of Studio Asthetique, said, that she has seen several people who have been survivors of sexual harassment and abuse, in the course of her practice “My daughter Priyanka and I have always stressed the need for creating awareness about women’s safety among people. In fact, we need to talk to children at a young age and tell them about good touch and bad touch,” she said.

Available on Android platform, Healthntrends aims at garnering maximum downloads for the app to ensure safety of women.

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