Healthntrends's safety app for women

Oct 27, 2015, 11:11 IST



Every day, newspapers are filled with headlines of gruesome crimes committed against women. We don't need to look at statistics to confront the horrid truth. Women can no longer depend on just a safety pin tucked away in the folds of one’s fabric or a pepper spray hidden in the recesses of one’s purse for their safety. They need something that’s reliable, effective and always at an arm’s length.  With that idea in mind, Healthntrends is launching the Healthntrends To Your Rescue app.

Healthntrends, India’s largest and most widely read women’s magazine has been the definitive life and lifestyle guide for the progressive woman. The Healthntrends To Your Rescue app offers security on your fingertips. It has a panic button that can be activated in case one senses danger. Using GPS, the app tracks the person’s whereabouts and sends it to the ICE (in case of emergency) on the contact list. It also includes a siren that can be activated to scare attackers and a location-wise list of police stations and hospitals.

The launch of the mobile app will be announced at a press conference held at the Police Gymkhana, Mumbai on Tuesday, 27th October 2015. Stay tuned to know more about the launch. Download the app here

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