5 vacations for your health

Oct 29, 2015, 13:33 IST


Taking off from work to head out to a holiday destination -- the most exhilarating feeling in the world! That ultralight feeling turns into ultraheavy on the return trip, with all the excess pounds you’ve slapped on – so much interesting food and no exercise!

Freedom from work, freedom from mobiles and laptops, freedom from the cacophony of city life, complete relaxation and a smaller dress size when you get back? It’s now possible, with all the health vacation options that are on offer.

The Mountains…

Trekking is a great option for the fitness conscious. Apart from keeping your weight in check, it fills your lungs with fresh air and your heart with fresh blood. That the view from the various high points is breathtaking is just a fringe benefit.

Ideal Spots – Himalayas. Himachal. Uttarakhand.

…And the Beaches

Water Sports are a relatively new addition to the bouquet of services Indian Tour companies are offering. Apart from traditional offerings such as parasailing, jet skiing, water skiing and windsurfing, activities such as snorkeling are being added to the bunch. Those with a passion for greeting the interesting marine life can swim their way to health.

Ideal Spots – Goa. Andaman & Nicobar and Lakshwadeep Islands. Kerala.

The Spreading Out

Spas – the favourite haunt of those wanting to relax and let the blood circulation do the job. Spas have come up like no man’s business in the country. With the awareness that massages and treatments with special oils can go more than skin deep in building good health, you can find from a five-star facility to a friendly neighbourhood spa at all destinations in the country now.

Idea Spots – Goa. Udaipur. Kerala.

…And the Stretching Out

Special thanks to Baba Ramdev, Yoga is the first name on the world’s lips when it comes to fitness. Yes, it comes before Gym now. Yoga and Pilates instructors are gods these days. The benefits of Yoga go beyond limbs, to the smallest of organs in the human body. Find your god and your Yoga camp this vacation.

Ideal Spots – Rishikesh. Mysore. Trivandrum.


The Oldest Gym Equipment

Nothing like getting on top of your oldest gym equipment – the bicycle. For those who love good leg muscles with a lean look, the green valleys and the mountain paths beckon. Cycling is great way to discover a city or town as well. So, get together your cycling gear and pick the best route.

Ideal Spots – Manali. Munnar. Goa. Rajasthan.

With all this ammo now, you can go off vacationing without the element of worrying about the extra kilos you’d have packed in when you get back. Could you ask for more?