Globetrotting on a budget

Apr 13, 2015, 19:33 IST


Thanks to a drop in value of major international currencies, trips to certain countries have become easy on the pockets for Indians. Healthntrends lists places you should travel to while this situation lasts.



This is the best time to go to Europe. One Euro is now approximately Rs 66, a sharp fall from its rate last year when it was Rs 85. Even though there isn’t a significant difference in the flight tickets, you are bound to save a lot on local expenses.      

From city tours, sightseeing to outdoor activities and hiking trails, Canada offers something for all kinds of tourists. Spring and summer are the best months to visit this vast country. Currently, the Canadian dollar costs Rs 49. In 2014, it was approximate Rs 55.

If you want to explore unspoiled coastlines, mountains, icescapes, glaciers and fjords,  now is the best time to book your trip to Norway.  Last year, the Norwegian Krone cost Rs 10 last year. Today it has come down to Rs 7.

The Turkish Lira has seen a sharp fall from Rs 30 to Rs 23 this year. Head to this West Asian paradise to get a glimpse of its historical world heritage sites, seas, museums, palaces, hamams and mosques.

Malaysia offers diverse options for its tourists—beaches, hiking, kayaking, climbing, diving and camping adventure, wildlife, shopping and spa retreats. The Malaysian Ringgit costs about Rs 16 today as opposed to Rs 19 last year.