Go camping in Maharashtra

Apr 8, 2015, 19:01 IST


Camping in Maharashtra is turning out to be more exciting by the day. Have you checked out these hot camping spots yet?



If adventure activity is your idea of a fun weekend out, you must have heard of Kolad. Camping by the river Kundalika with your girl gang, after an adrenaline-filled day of white water rafting, is the best part about Kolad. The soothing river breeze on your face, as you softly hum your favourite songs, lingers way after you have you have left your tent and headed to your city home. Sit and listen to the sound of gushing waters, count the rare stars you don't see in the city you call home, tell each other stories, or gossip the night away. Camping in Kolad is for those who are looking refuel their sapped energy levels.



An hour's train ride away from Dadar to Asangaon, you reach the village of Mahuli in a rickety rickshaw only to be wowed by the lush greenery around. Camp by a pond (there are plenty), order local food (the village people are warm and friendly), go for the famous Mahuli trek with a local guide (carry trekking equipments) or read a book in your tent. Several camping companies like Big Red Tent offers an experience to cherish forever. A barbecue in the evening, home-cooked food for dinner with fireflies for company—this is camping at its best. You get to kayak in the pond as well. If you're there with your partner, and want a romantic experience, you could ask for a tent to be set up in the middle of the pond.



Photograph: naturediaries.wordpress.com


Imagine listening to the chirping of exotic migratory birds, surrounded by lush green forests. You get to do just that and spot them too, by the mangroves at Karnala Bird Sanctuary. Camp here to get away from your daily woes or to spend a day with your loved ones. Play a group game or two, take a walk along the pathways out of your camp, visit a nearby fishing village, take a boat ride or head to Yusuf Meherally Centre to see some cottage industries. Who says camping has to be cliched!