If you love books…

Apr 23, 2015, 8:29 IST

If books are your best friend and reading is your passion, do plan a trip to these wonderful spaces that celebrate literature and writers.


Photograph: CORBIS

The Sherlock Holmes Museum, London, UK

Situated at 221b Baker Street, where Sherlock Holmes supposedly lived according to Arthur Conan Doyle, the museum is true to the books’ Victorian setting. Costumed maids welcome you, as antiques belonging to Holmes – his pipe, detective gear and caps – dot the interiors. Waxworks from his famous cases are on display as well. The museum shop offers a marvellous selection of merchandise.
Entry: Rs.700 (approx) per head


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Photograph: dailyscandinavian-com


Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tale House: Copenhagen, Denmark
The Fairy-tale House at Rådhuspladsen 57, København, Hovedstaden hosts tableaux featuring spectacular images from some of his most loved tales like The Little Mermaid. The sound system offers three languages – Danish, English and German. Rare hand-written manuscripts and artefacts from the writer’s life are also featured.
Entry: Rs.650 (approx) per head

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F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum: Montgomery, Alabama, USA
F Scott Fitzgerald’s legendary The Great Gatsby and his wife Zelda’s short stories catapulted them to fame, among their other literary achievements. The duo rented a house in 1931 to write, the ground floor of which is the museum featuring their typewriters, tables, paintings, letters and so on. An old-fashioned food counter makes for a fabulous back-in-time experience.
Entry: Rs.300 (approx) per head

World Book Day

Photograph: www.visitbath.co.uk

The Jane Austen Centre, Bath, UK
This centre, situated at 40, Gay Street, houses a permanent exhibition featuring the life and works of Jane Austen. In addition, there is a festival held annually every summer. This year, 200 years of Pride and Prejudice will be celebrated with a ‘Netherfield Ball’. There is also a fabulous Regency Tea Room, with fabulous afternoon tea options. We loved the idea of ‘Tea with Mr. Darcy’! If you’re lucky and well-heeled, you can pick up early editions of Jane Austen’s works.
Entry: Rs.650 (approx) per head


Photograph: www.tripadvisor.co.uk

The Tolstoy House Museum, Moscow, Russia
This house of Leo Tolstoy today stands testimony to the life he led with his wife and their thirteen children from 1882 to 1901! His treasured garden has been maintained the way he liked it, and his original manuscripts and belongings (right down the children’s toys) make the museum an authentic and intimate study into his life. The study is a must-visit!
Entry: Rs.350 (approx.) per head