Living Alone = Marriage Material?

Oct 29, 2015, 13:37 IST


Contrary to popular belief, living independently on your own, instead of making you a loner, can turn you into great marriage material. There are things you learn about yourself and life that help you appreciate companionship for the right reasons. Here’s why:


One-Man Army meets Two

You’ve been not just earning your keep, but also doing the bills, the laundry and even the vacuuming when the help doesn’t turn up. All that makes you appreciative of dignity of labour and when someone pitches in, it makes you appreciative of him too.

The Law of Attraction

Yes, it works. An independent ‘you’ is likely to attract an independent ‘significant other’. And that will create a marriage where both partners are compatible and intellectually stimulating for each other.

Respect: The Winning Element

Being in charge of your life end-to-end, living it holistically from morning to night, empowers you like no other. There’s no mum looking after your meals and no dad getting the bank work done. A man who joins you being that ballsy is one who respects those elements!

Want vs Need

You are now someone who doesn’t need another to complete you. Been there, done that all. You will now marry because you want to, not because you need to in order to feel complete.

Loneliness: The Ultimate Teacher

What you don’t have, you appreciate more. To be cajoled and convinced into a marriage by parents doesn’t carry the charm that being truly appreciative of companionship does. Being alone for at least some period in life makes you appreciate the value of companionship more. And you’re readier for marriage.

Try it. Go solo to go Missus!