Now, living in = being married

Apr 14, 2015, 13:07 IST

Live-in relationships are a growing reality in our society. However, the lack of security has made such relationships socially unacceptable in most parts of the country. However, the recent ruling from the Supreme Court might change the way we look at couples in live-in relationships.

live in couples

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In a recent judgement Supreme Court has ruled that an unmarried couple living together would be presumed legally married and the woman would be eligible to inherit the man’s property after his death. The bench was headed by Justices MY Eqbal and Amitava Roy and ruled that “a couple living together for a number of years would rightfully lead them to presume that the couple was, for all intents and purposes, married.”
We hail the Supreme Court for the progressive decision. Here’s what women in live-in relationships have to say about the ruling.

“The ruling is very empowering for women in live-in relationships. I can now ask all those who ask me questions like ‘what about your future’, ‘what if he never marries you’ to shut up and let me live.”
Sunaina Krishna, 30 (living-in since three years)

“When I decided to live in with the man I fell in love with, it was only to analyze how good house mates do we make. Going out to eat, watch movies and long drives is okay for you just spend a few hours together. But staying together is another ball game. We made a great boyfriend-girlfriend, I wanted to understand and be sure if we can make a great married couple too. Now, after living-in with him for about two years, though I am sure that I want to spend my life with him, I do not find the need to get married. I am happy with the SC’s ruling since I feel this will somewhere help in removing the societal taboos on live-in relationships.”
Reeta Pahuja, 31 (living-in since two years)

“What a way to shut up all the nosy neighbours and aunties who are so concerned about ‘when will you get married?’. Live-in relationships are practical and giving it legitimacy is a great decision. While this gives women security, it will also help commitment-phobic couples to make that big decision.
Disha Mehta, 29 (living-in since a year and a half)

“I feel this might act as a deterrent in some cases where couples get into this comfortable setup to avoid getting tied down to each other for a lifetime or want to take time in understanding if they are ready to live a life together. However, in cases where the man wants to move out and the woman wants to get married, what choice will it leave for the man? Also, it is all good that the woman will inherit the property after the partner’s death but what about her financial security while he is alive? What if she loses a job or decides to be a homemaker? There needs to be proper legal solutions to every possible scenario that might arise out of a live-in set up to really help the couples in such relationships.”
Archana Gaurav, 30, (living-in since two years)