Is your man bad in bed?

Apr 23, 2015, 19:25 IST


The sweet November brings with it the man of your dreams. Everything is going as planned—sensuous evenings, movie nights, weekend getaways… and then one day, you decide to take the plunge. And your wild fantasy turns into a nightmare. “What the hell was that?” you ask yourself. Did he last for just about a minute? Oh wait! He had no clue about foreplay or female orgasms. How do you then turn those barely there sparks into fireworks? Give him a chance, we say.

Talk over
A newfound intimacy can be exciting yet awkward and clumsy. At times, it clicks. But most of the times, it will take a while to reach a level of comfort. But if it is bothering you too much, speak to him and discuss what is missing. Make sure it’s a two-way conversation and not a pep talk. May be you’re more experienced and he’s just an amateur who’s learning through misleading porn clips. The last thing he wants is to suck in bed. Teach him the tricks of the trade and he’ll improve over time.

Don’t fake it
Now girl, that’s one mistake you can’t afford to make. We agree that the moan-and-groan mantra is going to make your man feel on the top of the world. But a fake orgasm confirms that what he was doing is right and appropriate. Arouse your inner porn star, navigate him to the parts of your body that need touching, help him to make the sexual experience better for you. Believe us; it’s better to reach a devastatingly real orgasm than exaggerated cries of pleasure that mean nothing.

Watch porn
Don’t make it a habit though. Porn is as good as an appetizer. After a long day, none of us are in the mood to do it. It might also happen that he was good initially, but turned bad because of work stress and irregular sleeping patterns. Get him in the mood by watching porn alongside with him. You could also enact an erotic scene if you wish to revive the old times.