Grandparents: One's Most Special Friend

Sep 30, 2021, 21:32 IST

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There is nothing more loving than a family or the love of our parents. But, what can still come close to the love of our parents has to be our grandparents. Everything about a grandparent is grand-- their love,affection,care and so much more.

The beautiful summer vacations that we all spent as kids in our grandparents' home are memories that are kept so safe in our hearts and how I wish we could go back in time and relive those moments wherein hide-and-seek,pakdam pakdai,ice and water, unch-neech were some of the most-played games by us and our cousins.

Those nights that were spent under a tent made out of a blanket where horror stories were shared, and oh, going to the washroom after it was a task of unmatched bravery. Joy was found in being not the dener again, in getting the last cube of chocolate and going for drives to the ice-cream wala.

Just a month in our grandparents' house would turn out to be a lifetime of memories and what more special than our nani/dadi giving just one piece of mithai (sweets) to her favorite-est grandchild.

Our grandparents' grow old and in this cycle of race, what we forget is that those hands will not be able to run after us to feed us food all our lives, we won't have the best storyteller in our homes at all times, we won't have the one who would ask us, teach us, encourage us, stand by us and most of all,love us. Value them not just today but every moment..give them a call to keep a check on their health, and see how happy that makes them.

We can never repay the love they showered on us, but give them back the little you can afford to.

For the ones who have their grandparents, make them feel included. They are far far more intelligent than us. So, never not mock them. And to the ones, who have left us...they stay in our hearts.

Tell them all, you love them and how.

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For you, life is ahead but they are the only few for whom you are life.

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