All You Need To Know About Sex Toys

Nov 11, 2022, 19:26 IST

Know About Sex Toys

India has come a long way as far as conversations around sex are concerned. According to a survey conducted by a national leading daily in 2018, the last couple of years has seen a staggering increase in the way sex toys are purchased and consumed in India, with portals promising privacy while making a purchase.

That personal, an e-commerce site for sex enhancers, conducted a survey and found that Indians contribute to nearly 20 percent of online searches for lubricants and sex games. Wondering what toys suit you best? Look no further, and consider these options.

What: Kama Poker Game
What: Crescendo
What: Couple's Set
What: Edible sex toys
What: Play massage 2-in-1 lubricant
What: Ophoria Kegel Ball
What: Hard limits restraint kit
What is your sex toy persona?

What: Kama Poker Game

Made by: Moodzz

When Kama Sutra meets poker, you have a product that promises to be a champion at foreplay. The game builds up sexual tension across several rounds, which involves the partners stripping, touching, and caressing. By folding, raising or bluffing at the right moments, players can influence the erotic outcome of the game and its pace.

Says Mahati Chari*, a 41-year-old homemaker, “My husband and I have teenaged kids, and have started to rediscover the joy of adult games to spice up our sex lives. These are the ultimate in foreplay, and you’ll be left waiting to get to the bedroom! Naughty Nights and Love or Lust are two of our favourites.”

What: Crescendo

Made by: MysteryVibe

Manufactured by MysteryVibe, this bendable vibrator can adapt to any body shape, and is made with premium body-safe silicone. You can fold it upon itself to make a U-shape for simultaneous inner and outer pleasure, it can be shaped as an ‘S’ to stimulate both, the vagina and the anus, at the same time.

Says Chennai-based gynecologist Mahalakshmi Sundar Raju, “With a good and efficient vibrator, there is scope to understand one’s body better. Clitoral stimulation is often undiscovered, and a lot of women don't orgasm frequently. A vibrator of good quality tells you which buttons to push, and that makes you more expressive with your partner. However, check for materials used, and see if they are safe and BPA-free, since you will be using them in the most intimate areas of your body.”

What: Couple's Set

Made by: Kiiroos

The Kiiroo Couple Set enables couples across the world to experience pleasure even from a distance. Its built-in touch-sensitive technology allows for bi-directional control of devices so that either party can drive the action, and control the other person’s pleasure. There are 12 variants available, each with a device for the male and female, with two-way communication.

Some allow bi-directional control, where you and your partner can pleasure each other by pressing buttons; while some allow only one partner—either male or female to pleasure the other. The more advanced variants come with touchpads, that allows you to choose from a host of self-pleasuring activities.

Couples Set Sex Toys

What: Edible sex toys

Made by: Brands like Sensuva, Shunga, and Shiastu

Say goodbye to messy whipped cream and melted chocolate as part of foreplay. Instead, opt for edible sex toys to spice up your life. Choose from an exciting gamut of products that can be applied to the penis.

They are made with food-grade ingredients and offer flavours like watermelon, almond cream, chocolate, caramel apple, and raspberry. You can also go in for edible G-strings for your partner to eat off you, and give him a candy rush.

What: Play massage 2-in-1 lubricant

Manufactured by: Durex

The product comes with a built-in massage head, and rubbing it over the desired area allows you to stay stimulated. Says Chandni Ravichandran*, a 27-year-old paralegal from Chennai, “A good lubricant is a must-have in the bedroom, and I prefer one which comes with a built-in massager. Not only does it offer a tingling sensation during the application, which helps in arousal, it also moistens the vaginal tract entirely, ensuring painless and smooth sex.” The 2-in-1 lubricant from Durex also contains the erotic fragrance of Ylang Ylang.

What: Ophoria Kegel Ball

Manufactured by: DND

This naughty pair of love balls has a dual purpose. Once the balls enter your vagina, they help tighten the vaginal muscles – this can help intensify overall sexual satisfaction since a tighter vagina contributes to a pleasurable orgasm.

The second purpose, of course, is that they stimulate the inside of the vagina, just like any other female sex toy, and can be controlled with a string and loop. The balls are made of seamless soft silicone, and should gently be eased one after the other by pressing them against the entrance of the vagina, pushing them inside till they are secure, but keeping the string and removal loop outside.

What: Hard limits restraint kit

Manufactured by: Fifty Shades of Grey

The kit comes with blindfolds for secure bondage play, and is adjustable to fit different bed sizes; it folds down for travel and adventurous weekends. It includes four padded cuffs with velcro fastening for comfortable restraint. You can get as adventurous in bed as you desire but it's vital to play safe.

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“Make sure you follow the instructions in the manual and don’t deviate, or you could end up harming yourself. Consult your doctor to see which toys are safe for use, especially if you have health problems, are on your period, are pregnant, and so on. Lastly, make sure you procure your sex toys from a trusted brand and a reputed website or store,” advises Santhanam Jagannathan, Chennai-based sexologist.

Hard limits restraint sex kit

What is your sex toy persona?

Take this quiz to find out!

1) Do you like talking dirty while having sex?
  1. Yes, it really spices things up.
  2. Sometimes, if I’m a little tipsy.
  3. Never, it takes away from the experience of making love.

2) Do you enjoy role play?
  1. Yes, the schoolgirl fantasy is my favourite!
  2. I haven’t tried it, but I’m not averse to the idea of experimenting
  3. I think sex should be simple, and we should stay in our own characters!

3) Do bondage and sex toys turn you on?
  1. Totally! Bring them on!
  2. I don’t mind the odd handcuffs from time to time, but I’ll draw the line there.
  3. They’re actually a huge turn-off!

4) When you're buying a sex toy, what do you keep in mind?
  1. It has to spice things up to the hilt!
  2. It has to make sex pleasurable for both partners.
  3. It has to bring you closer together as a couple.

5) Which of these sex enhancers would make it to your closet?
  1. A bondage kit
  2. A vibrator
  3. Flavoured lubricants

Mostly As: Wild

You like your sex toy to be wild, whacky and rough! You’re not averse to experimenting in the bedroom, and you’re not afraid to admit to and fulfill your sexual desires.

Mostly Bs: Mildly adventurous

You may like your raunchy sex from time to time, and will often indulge in a risqué sexual fantasy, but you draw the line there. For the most part, you prefer to stay within the boundaries of conservative sex–if only just!

Mostly Cs: Romantic and soft

For you, sex is all about an emotional connection with your significant other. It is more about demonstrating love, and you want it accompanied by the trappings of a mellow and romantic experience.