Do You Think You Are In A Karmic Relationship? We Help You Figure Out!

Nov 17, 2021, 13:34 IST


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If you have experienced an irresistible connection towards your partner, a connection so strong that it might have also felt magnetic. You CANNOT stop thinking about this person, you feel that they’re your soulmate and all the other cliché things are happening around you, then you need to make yourself aware of an upcoming wild karmic relationship. A karmic relationship can typically be defined as a passionate relationship fully loaded with emotional exhaustion. A connection that can be obsessive, consuming and tempting. These kinds of relationships teach you about love and guide you in the correct direction. A karmic relationship mostly is short-lived, the sparks in the early stage can end as fast as they ignited. They might look exciting at the beginning but they are not healthy if you look at them in a long-term scenario. Couples can misinterpret the partner to be “the one’’ and ignore all the red flags as they believe that destiny has brought them together and is meant to be. However, karmic relationships are fated to fail. Here's how you can figure out if you are in one and how to get out of it as well...

How Can You Tell You Are In One?

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i) You Feel An Instant Connection
Whether it is love at first sight or just mere yet strong chemistry, it happens instantly in the early stage of your relationship. This can happen because of karma and energy. This can feel pure and convincing. This is also called “unfinished business”, according to spiritual advisor Davida Rappaport. This is addressed as a connection from the past life as well.

ii) You Experience Endless Drama
This is an undeniable sign of you are in a karmic relationship. As you instantly feel connected and ignore all the red flags, in the beginning, both of you bring a lot of emotions with you. This brings too much drama which drains you emotionally. The drama is a result of the constant and classic make-up and break-up cycle of a karmic relationship. You see, healthy relationships usually have good communication, less drama and toxicity. On the other hand, in a karmic relationship, it is inevitable to go without drama and passionate arguments.

iii) You Notice Communication Breakdowns
Once you get stuck in the on and off the loop, you also happen to notice the strange and quirky behaviour and the patterns like trust issues, avoiding each other, constant excuses and many others. This will never make you feel steady about your relationship, keeping you conscious about the worrisome patterns of the relationship. Due to all of the consuming nature of the relationship you might end up feeling as if you are in a one-sided relationship.

iv) Mimic A Codependent Relationship

Codependency can look like spending most of your time together, always helping your partner make their decisions and forgetting your very own needs to fulfil your partner’s. Due to the early stage magnetic bond, you tend to spend more time with them and develop a dependency leading to losing yourself. Codependency is an unhealthy habit and it will be hard for you to let them go.

The Toll Karmic Relationships Take 

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i) You Feel Addicted
As you are attracted to your partner right away and are drawn to them for an enchanting reason, an unhealthy addictiveness is on its way. As quitting any addiction is hard, this too is difficult. You will constantly feel the need to be around that person which will not be a help if you are trying to call it quits.

ii) Everything Is Exhausting
Considering the nature of karmic relationships, they can be exhausting. With the constant drama, ups and downs you will be wanting a break from everything. The uneasiness and instability will affect a person, mentally, physically and emotionally. It will most likely leave you worn out as well.

iii) Sustaining The Relationship Seems Impossible
It is not a surprise that a karmic relationship will disturb your mental health, stability and wellbeing. It’s a relationship that can not be sustained for long, this is because it takes a lot away from you then it will ever give. As a result, it ends as quickly as it starts.

How To Come Out Of A Karmic Relationship?

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The first step towards getting out of a karmic relationship is to accept that you are in one. This can be difficult and you might slip into the denial phase of “but I love him/her’’ or “let’s not give up on this”. However, it is important to get out of it for your own sake. You need to understand the fact, a better person is out there and until then you will have to focus on yourself. You will have to prioritise your long-term happiness. The ups and downs of the relationship can make you crave more and they might make it difficult for you to walk away from it. Nevertheless, it is important to drill in your mind that life can and will be better and happier without this person as well. Take this as a life lesson and move forward, once you can do this you will break free.

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