Sex Education, Frozen, Pink: Shows And Films That're Starting Conversations

Sep 30, 2021, 23:17 IST

Over the years, the topic of 'consent' has been brought to the forefront. Bound by many traditional shackles, India hasn't always been at the centre of this conversation. In fact, Bollywood movies have often blurred the lines of consent with song lyrics like 'Tera peecha karu toh rokne ka nai' and 'Tu haa kar ya naa kar, tu hai meri kiran'.

Dedicated to creating safe spaces to talk about consent, Tinder has recently launched its Consent Campaign to amplify awareness around the subject. Moreover, with increasing emphasis on conversations surrounding the importance of consent in recent years, here are five instances in popular culture that have established the five basic rules of consent, kyuki har 'haa' me 'naa' nahi chhupi hoti:


A still from 'Pink'

The Hindi film 'Pink' establishes the rule that Anything Other Than Yes is No--Keh diya na, bas, keh diya! Accepting an invitation to hang out with someone, having drinks with someone, wearing certain types of clothes, none of these factors is indicative of any type of sexual interest. With its iconic courtroom scene where Amitabh Bachhan's character, the lawyer, doubles down on the 'No means no' narrative, this film has done its best to highlight the real problems in society when it comes to consent.

Thelma and Louise

This one drives the point home when it comes to honest consent. It is telling of the fact that Consent Can be Withdrawn Even in the Middle of the Act. As Thelma and JD are getting intimate, Thelma tells JD to stop. JD instantly heeds her words and waits until she gives him the green light again. Talk about a gentleman!

Lipstick Under My Burkha

This film touches upon a lot of topics that are considered taboo in traditional Indian society and highlights the rule that Yes Once Doesn't Mean Yes Always. It gently approaches the topic of consent even in marriage and sparks the conversation that marriage or being in a longstanding relationship do not automatically implicate consent. The best way to ensure you're both on the same page is to ask your partner.


On a lighter note, the animated kids' movie 'Frozen' also establishes the importance of teaching consent to young children, and stresses on the golden rule - Always Ask. In the scene where Kristoff wants to kiss Anna, he asks her for permission in an adorable and goofy way. This goes miles to show that something as simple as kissing also requires the permission and interest of those involved. Nothing gives more clarity than the word 'YES'.

Sex Education

Lastly, with 'Sex Education' coming in the clutch to broach several topics around sex and sexuality, it also touches upon consent when alcohol is involved. Ideally, the rule is to Ask for Consent When They're in Their Senses. When Otis wakes up to realise he had sex with someone in a drunk frenzy, his first reaction is to ensure consent was involved. This scene highlights that inebriated mistakes happen, but the first thing to do when regaining consciousness is to have a healthy discussion with the partner and ensure their comfort. Consent is, after all, a two-way street.

In the words of Rytasha Rathore, 'Consent is sexy', and according to Leeza Mangaldas, 'Not asking for consent can definitely kill the mood.' Still confused? You can learn more about it on Tinder's micro-site 'Let's Talk Consent'. As part of their campaign, the site even has a video log series with popular influencers where they answer the most asked questions about consent.