Pregnancy in The first Trimester

Sep 30, 2021, 22:03 IST


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Pregnancy In The First Trimester

Pregnancy is the best feeling ever for every woman. As soon as you see those two lines appear on your pregnancy strip, you are overwhelmed with a number of emotions. And you just can't wait to tell your loved ones about the big news!

Just how easy Bollywood makes us feel pregnancy is, it surely isn't. Infact first trimester is considered to be the most difficult one out of the three. It prepares your body for the upcoming changes that it will go through in the next two trimesters.

The heightened sense of smell due to hormonal changes urges you to feel like puking every now and then. You start to hate all the food that was once among the list of your favourites. Seems like your favourites aren't your child’s favourite!

As you feel nauseous the entire time, you become more selective towards the food you eat. And less consumption of meals leads to weight loss and less activeness towards your daily chores.

You may feel sleepy and dizzy the entire day as your body is working hard to develop a baby inside you.

Morning sickness and tiredness will be a part of your routine now.

You may feel constipated due to an upset stomach almost every single time. But it can be avoided if you opt for small and fibrous meals every 2 hours.

Pregnancy comes with its own challenges but your family and loved ones are always there to pamper you with the best of services. So, don't get disheartened if you are in your first trimester or planning for pregnancy, as making a baby is not easy but the most beautiful thing a woman is blessed with. Also, after those unique 9 months you definitely get the reward of it all.
And I think it’s definitely worth all the changes.