Book: My Clingy Girlfriend

Apr 8, 2015, 11:23 IST



My Clingy Girlfriend by Madhuri Banerjee
Price: Rs. 155
Publisher: Westland
My Clingy Girlfriend – the title gives away two things about the book. 1) It is from the man’s perspective. 2) It is about a girlfriend who is supposedly clingy. But it will tempt you enough to pick the book up for one simple reason. It may be a man’s point of view of his relationship but it is written by a woman. I was quite intrigued and I picked it up wondering why Madhuri Banerjee would want to write a book with that sort of a title and underline the typical stereotypes of a relationship.
My Clingy Girlfriend is the story of Obrokranti—a simple marketing guy from Kolkata, who comes to Mumbai to make it big. Though professionally he has a lot to achieve, he is happy to have a beautiful girlfriend, Radha, who loves him to the moon and back. The only downside—she is clingy.
However, the exaggeration of the situations in Obro’s life and the way his girlfriend is depicted to react each time, makes the story a little unbelievable at times. Though the girlfriend’s clingy ways can get on your nerves, you do not end up feeling sorry for Obrokanti. In fact, whenever, during the read, you want to tell Obro that he is better off without a relationship if he is so fed up with her being ‘clingy’, he gives you reasons that all boil down to one need—getting to have sex whenever he wants.
Despite some banal situations, which make it easy to predict the actions and reactions from both sides, you still can’t put down the book, because at no point does it leave any scope for you to predict Obro’s fate. Will he finally be able to confront his girlfriend and resolve the issues with her or will he ever find the courage to break up with her? Will he end up getting married to her and spend a life full of regrets and only fantasies of the many ‘could have beens’? These are questions that remain with you till the very last pages of My Clingy Girlfriend.
The story is entertaining; the narrative simple, racy and reads like a Bollywood masala film. Ladies, you may or not want to read this one, but make sure you make your man read this book. This clingy girlfriend will make every man in a relationship count his blessings.