Spa: Calm and bliss at Shanaya

Oct 12, 2015, 15:21 IST



A cup of herbal tea before beginning the therapy to warm my body and a chat with the spa manager, who gauged my inclination for the day and also my problem areas via a short questionnaire began my spa session. Then she took me thought the extensive spa menu that offers a choice of international and ayurvedic therapies, all specially designed to enrich and revitalize the inner-self, and we jointly decided on trying out Shanaya Signature Cocktail therapy. I was told it would be quite unlike other therapies I have experienced to date and that clinched it for me.

A quick look around the spa located on 4th level of the hotel unveiled 5 thematic treatment rooms – Udaya, Ujwala, Aten, Kalyana and Aswini with wet area facilities and a couple therapy room and I found the decor quite in tune with what the name Shanaya denotes: First ray of the sun that brings with it an exuberance signifying a fresh beginning of another day. The entire spa is beautifully put together and extremely pleasing to the eye. The vibe is extremely positive.

Finally the therapy began with a warm compress on the feet. Then after ensuring that i was comfortable, the therapist began a relaxing 30 minutes dry massage, the aim of which I was told is to enhance the flow of energy, restores harmony and get the circulation going. This was followed with an oil based /gel based massage. Two primary reasons I opted to go with the gel were: I had another meeting straight after the session and I wanted to get a feel of how the gel works on the body). The strokes ranged from frictional to relaxing and the therapist to her credit blended them  seamlessly to allow body’s internal system to benefit from the properties of the blended aromatic gel. Later the therapists shared multiple other reasons why the gel is getting extremely popular these days. Apparently besides assisting in creating smoother stroke techniques for light massages the gels also help the skin retain its own natural oils, so moisturize the skin fabulously minus the greasy feeling (that you don’t really want sometimes) that an oil may generate. Plus it is cool and refreshing and


I was told that it is completely chemical free and is particularly good to undo the sunburn damage.

This Shanaya Signature therapy gets full marks from me as it gave me a sense of deep relaxation and well-being. It alleviated tension and fatigue that was sitting heavy in my city weary muscles, eased up my heavily knotted upper back and shoulders (all thanks to the hours spent in front of the laptop) and the heavy sensation in calves and feet disappeared too.

Finally some tlc for my hair - a hair wash and blow dry at their Hair By Dar Salon had me completely ready for my next meeting, totally relieved of the weekday stress and fatigue. Next on the agenda, some of the fabulous facials the spa is extremely famous for. I have my eye on their Caviar facial (for him & her), which hydrates and firms the skin via a synergistic blend of vegetable extracts, crushed pearls and marine caviar. Sounds delish! By the way the salon also has a nail bar which is proving very popular with fashionistas.

Shanaya, the luxury spa at the Kempinski Ambience Hotel

1,CBD, Maharaja Surajmal Road, Near Yamuna Sports Complex, New Delhi

Phone: 011 4908 8888