In Chennai? Try These 7 Great Vegetarian Dishes For Sure!

Jul 19, 2022, 9:19 IST

Chennai vegetarian must-tries - Bayroot - Cold mezze platter


Chennai vegetarian must-tries - Rupali Dean - author panel

Food and travel enthusiast Rupali Dean rejoices in Chennai’s amazing food. Break out of routine to sample these must-tries 

This list is in no particular order, but each of these dishes is guaranteed to create a party in your mouth!

Cold Mezze Platter At Bayroot (main image)
Where: 4, 364, Anna Salai Road, Palavakkam Kuppam, Palavakkam

On offer is honest, good food, cooked from the heart with local sustainable produce – the menu itself is quite iconic in Chennai. Given how generous the appetiser portions are, the flavour combinations will encourage many a group outing. Gastronomic gems such the Apple & Pear Salad and the Eggplant Makdous tickle one’s appetite with their exceptional flavours and presentation. The piece de resistance is the Cold Mezze that comprises of fresh, house-made hummus, baba ganoush, moutabel, tabbouleh, shirazi, spinach salad, yaprak sarma, muhammara, labneh, crudites with tzatziki, marinated olives, feta and pickled vegetables. The hummus is exceptional, and the limitless extremely fresh bread is much appreciated.

i Chennai vegetarian must-tries - Savya Rasa - Chutney Paniyaram

Chutney Paniyaram At Savya Rasa
Where: 2/10, Gandhi Mandapam Road, Chitra Nagar, Kotturpuram

Savya Rasa is essentially South Indian, yet definitely global as well. It draws its design language from the unique styles of the four southern states. People across Tamil Nadu are exposed to a variety of paniyaram, and many places offer different kinds of the same, and, of course, this is a dish that is prepared at home as well. To lift this classic dish out of the ordinary, the team at Savya Rasa did its research and came up with the concept of engulfing chutney within paniyarams; diners started loving the dish, and it is the highest selling vegetarian item on the menu.

i Chennai vegetarian must-tries - Little Soi - Bokchoy and burnt garlic dimsum

Bok Choy And Burnt Garlic Dimsum At Little Soi

Where: 2nd Floor, J B Khanna Jag Tirth, A 2, 2nd Ave, A Block, Annanagar East

You won’t get your run-of-the-mill dimsums here. This cute little restaurant has a reputation for serving a top-notch menu that showcases a diverse selection of Chinese and other popular Asian dishes. The Bok Choy and Burnt Garlic Dimsum is a translucent steamed dimsum filled with juicy and crunchy bok choy and flavoured with burnt garlic. And yes, there’s more to this place than just dumplings: the terrific noodles are worth ordering too.


i Chennai vegetarian must-tries - Delish - Banana Tahini Loaf

Banana Tahini Loaf At Delish Dessert Studio

Where: J B Khanna Jag Tirth, A 2, 2nd Ave, Annanagar East and 10 A, 11/1, Part TS 4, Ground Floor, Valliammai Achi Street, Kotturpuram

For the gooiest, softest and most decadent banana tahini loaf, it has to be Delish, a dessert studio with Sous Chef Upamanyu Urs at the helm. He has worked with globally-renowned chefs and pioneers such as Antonio Bachour, Andres Lara and Hans Ovando, to name a few, and, thanks to that prestigious pedigree, everything in the studio is delightfully comforting with top-notch ingredients and beautiful presentation. Get here early to grab your share of the Banana Tahini Loaf; it literally sells like hot cakes. The unique combination of banana, sesame and 55% dark chocolate from Mason & Co makes this cake irresistible. The cake is filled with a banana caramel jam, and it’s vegan and gluten free as well!


Chennai vegetarian must-tries - Double Roti - Superiority Burger

Superiority Burger At Double Roti

Where: J B Khanna Jag Tirth, A 2, 2nd Ave, A Block, Anna Nagar East and 4/27, First Street, Cenotaph Road, Sri Ram Nagar, Alwarpet, Teynampet,  and 2/546, LHC, East Coast Road, Illam, Neelankarai

This easy-breezy mini-chain of American-style diners has three locations, in Anna Nagar, Teynampet and Neelankarai. Pop into any one of them (we especially like the Anna Nagar branch) for smashing burgers and consistently delicious nachos, pizzas, cold coffee, plus fresh juices, smoothies and the works. The standout is the delicious combination of 14 ingredients packed into the most flavourful and delicious vegetarian patty. The Superiority Burger is  perfect for veg lovers, but its effortless deliciousness will blow away non-vegetarians, too!


i Chennai vegetarian must-tries -  Bread & Chocolate - Croissants

Croissants At Bread And Chocolate

Where: 2nd Cross Street, 11, Cenotaph Road, Sri Ram Nagar, Alwarpet

At Bread and Chocolate, the chef has an undying love for all things baked. I would actually rate the croissants here among the best in India. Hand-made with pure butter and a feast for the eyes, the croissants at Bread and Chocolate will make you feel a part of French history. They are made over three days with technique and love. First day is initiation. On day 2, the croissant dough gets its many layers as a result of ‘laminating’. And, finally, on the last day after the dough has rested overnight in the refrigerator again, it is proved to let the dough rise, and then baked to golden - with a caramelised brown spiral on the outside. As it bakes, the butter melts and gives off steam. This puffs each paper-thin layer of dough up, giving the croissants hundreds of flaky, buttery layers.


Chennai vegetarian must-tries - Soy Soi - Bibimpop

Bibim-Pop Stone Bowl At Soy Soi
Where: 2/10, Gandhi Mandapam Road, Chitra Nagar, Kotturpuram
The ever-growing menu is no less than a culinary trip through over eight countries in SouthEast Asia, curated to bring the best of street food fare to the table, be it the smoky satays of Indonesia, the subtle dimsum of Hong Kong, the aromatic curries and salads of Thailand, the noodle soup bowls of Vietnam, the skilfully rolled sushi of Japan and more. Inspired by the Korean sizzling rice dish dolsot, visually arresting with its vegetable rainbow, the Bibim-Pop Stone Bowl here is also captivating owing to the sizzle and crackle from the fragrant seasoned rice crisping up in the hot stone bowl. As for the taste, the seasoned rice, together with the cabbage kimchi, bean sprouts, shiitake mushrooms and pickled radish, along with tofu topped with Korean barbecue sauce, is nothing short of umami!

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