Beyond The Water Villas: Sink Into Nature In The Maldives

Oct 11, 2022, 0:00 IST

t1 Nature in the Maldives - Huraa Mangrove Nature Reserve

Image: Instagram/@shiyafathmath  

These three eco-rich areas in the Maldives are where you can effortlessly get up close and personal with nature

The Maldives is blessed with abundant natural charm – even beyond the resort life we see on the ’gram. It makes the archipelagic state in the Indian Ocean a wonderful destination for every type of traveller – couples, families, groups of friends, and  even solo travellers.

Here are three places in the Maldives where you can connect with nature…

Visit The Huraa Mangrove Nature Reserve in Huraa, North Malé Atoll (main image)
The only mangrove located in Kaafu Atoll of the Maldives – where the capital city is located – the Huraa Mangrove Nature Reserve (HMNR) is also the most easily accessible mangrove reserve in the Maldives, only a short speedboat ride directly from the main international airport (Velana International Airport) or from the capital Malé City itself. This protected area is a favourite with conservationists and nature lovers, and especially with birdwatchers because the HMNR is  a haven for many species of protected birds in the Maldives. 

Huraa Mangrove Nature Reserve is only a short speedboat ride directly from the main international airport or from the capital Malé City itself.

i Nature in the Maldives - Mathikilhi Eco Garden


Wander Through The Mathikilhi Eco Garden in Hulhumeedhoo, Addu Atoll
Located in the MathiKilhi wetlands area at the intersection of Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo, the Mathikilhi Eco Garden is one of the many protected areas in Addu Atoll and the first eco garden in the Maldives. It comprises two lakes, and another 50 hectares of a lush, green carpet of lake sedge. The eco garden is easy to explore, with walkways that allow access to a natural warm mud bath, full of precious minerals and nutrients that are good for your skin. The walkway is photograph-friendly with arches and little bridges perfect for the ’gram, or you could just take in the beauty, serenity and tranquillity of the space as you dangle your feet from the walkway. 

To get to Mathikilhi, take a direct flight to Addu International Airport located on Gan Island and make your way through the different islands, all connected via a link road.

i Nature in the Maldives - Kaashidhoo Wetlands

Image: Instagram/@visit_kaashidhoo

Find Tortoises In The Kaashidhoo Wetlands in Kaafu Atoll

Located in Kaafu Atoll, the Kaashidhoo Wetlands is one of only three islands in the Maldives with an indigenous population of the Maldivian Black Turtle (locally known as Kanzu Kahambu), which is an endangered and protected species.

i Nature in the Maldives - Kaashidhoo Wetlands tortoises

Image: Instagram/@visit_kaashidhoo 

Kaashidhoo Wetlands is the site with the most frequently-reported sightings of these majestic creatures. They feed on screw pine and breadfruit found in abundance in the area. The 42 hectares of wetlands were designated as a protected area in February 2021 due to the diversity of life in the area. Kaashidhoo is also one of the largest suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables to the capital city.

Kaashidhoo is easily accessible via a ferry ride from Malé or the main international airport.

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