This Country Has Just Set The Record For The Longest Passenger Train

Nov 4, 2022, 14:01 IST

New record by Rhaetian Railway in Switzerland

Switzerland has created a world record for operating the longest passenger train over 24.9 kilometres

Switzerland is known for its public transport system. It is a country where locals and travellers can comfortably travel the length and breadth of the many cantons using public transport. In fact, the Swiss Travel System is wonderful because all means of public transportation - trains, buses, boats and mountain railways - are perfectly synchronised to make travel easy and comfortable.

Recently, Switzerland created a new world record for operating the longest passenger train. Designed to commemorate the 175th anniversary of the country’s first train system, the world’s longest electric passenger train ran through the Swiss Alps with over a hundred coaches. The journey was over a distance of 24.9 kilometres. Weighing a massive 2,990 tons, the train averaged a speed of 30 to 35 kilometres per hour. It was operated by seven train drivers and 21 technicians. 

The record-setting train is part of the Swiss transport company Rhaetian Railway (RhB) (above). The train, 1.9 kilometre long, ran on the Bernina/Albula trail from Preda to Bergen, with 100 contemporary coaches. Beginning from Preda at 2.20 pm, the train reached Landwasser Viaduct at exactly 3.30 pm (in keeping with Switzerland’s well deserved and enviable reputation for punctuality), crossing 48 bridges and going through 22 tunnels. 

New record by Rhaetian Railway in Switzerland - UNESCO world heritage site

The Albula line is recognised by UNESCO

Switzerland’s Albula Line in Graubünden is a UNESCO World Heritage site.  

Thousands of spectators gathered at the festival organised in the valley to witness the successful world record attempt by Rhaetian Railway. UNESCO is quoted to have said of the historic railway that it is an “outstanding technical, architectural and environmental ensemble and embodies architectural and civil engineering achievements, in harmony with the landscapes through which they pass.”

It is reported that it took RhB nearly eight months to prepare for this world record achievement. The previous record was set in Belgium in 1991 by the National Belgian Railway Company. 

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