#WhenWeTravelAgain: Make A Hotel Room Feel Like Home

Aug 1, 2021, 11:36 IST

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We’ve asked travel pros and influencers for their tips to make a hotel room a little more of a homely cocoon

Hotel room like home  - Shifa Merchant


Shifa Merchant


Shifa Merchant is  a travel and lifestyle influencer.


Shifa’s tip: I always carry these three quintessential things to make my hotel room feel more like home - my room freshener, pillow spray and my own healthy munchies. Just these three small things and I’m all set for my trip. Be it a longer trip or a quick staycation, they really come handy as I carry along pieces of my home with me no matter where I travel to! Plus, the healthy munchies are useful when you want to just kick back, snuggle down under a blanket, and watch your favourite movie in your hotel room.”

“My photographer husband Salman (@darkangel_photography),who travels with me, carries his entire ‘camera world’ with him when he travels. He always ensures his hotel room has a spacious desk where he recreates his very own photo and video editing home set-up. Right from his laptop to his ipad, hard drives, portable wi-fi, SD cards, camera gear, tripod, everything is placed neatly on that desk and that is where he operates from during his travels. It streamlines everything, plus it also helps him edit and transfer all at one place.” 

Hotel room like home  - Roxanne Bamboat

Roxanne Bamboat

@thetinytaster Roxanne is a food and travel writer, recipe creator and home chef.


Roxanne’s tips: “My tip would be to pick a room with a great view, if possible. Either a garden or the seaside or beach-facing view. Perhaps a room with the stunning city skyline to make it feel different from a regular hotel room. 

“I also like to unpack a fair bit so it feels more like my personal space. My vanity kit, toiletries... I hang some of my clothes in the closet, especially on longer stays, so it feels more like my own room versus a regular hotel room.” 

Hotel room like home  - Lavina DSouza

Lavina D’Souza

Lavina is an entrepreneur, speaker, writer and travel photographer.


Lavina’s tip: “When staying in hotels, even pre-pandemic, I’ve always carried sanitising wipes and a travel candle. Once I’ve wiped down the most frequently-used surfaces and items, I light the candle so that the aroma reminds me of home. However, it is essential to keep in mind not to leave the room with the candles lit for safety purposes.”

Hotel room like home  - Loveleen Multani

Loveleen Multani Arun 


Travel designer Loveleen runs Panache World, a boutique travel company in Bengaluru. 

Loveleen’s tips:  “My top tip to personalise my own room in a hotel is to set up my work desk and charging station. I always check and carry the correct adapter for the country and a multiple socket plug strip as well. There is nothing like coming back after a day of sightseeing or meetings and being able to plug in everything to recharge on a home-like desk without struggling. 

“For my clients, especially honeymooners or families whom I know well (or have access to their other family members), I usually send a nice photo or two of theirs to the hotel to be kept at their bedside and in the living area. It instantly personalises the room and makes them welcome too.”  

Hotel room like home  - Ajmira Shaikh

Ajmira Shaikh


Digital Creator Ajmira thinks of herself as on a “permanent” vacation. 

Ajmira’s tip: “Being someone who travels almost every month, one challenging thing is to adapt to different hotel rooms. The key is to induce favourite elements of your home into your hotel room to make it homely. To make my hotel room feel more like home, I carry small things such as my favourite candles, loungewear, essential oils and my own toiletries. Things such as these and your fave music go a long way in achieving that homely atmosphere in hotel rooms.”  

hotel room like home - Anu and Pavan

Anu & Pavan


Anu and Pavan of the Hungry Travellers travel with their young son Kabir.

Anu’s tips:When we get to a hotel room, we always unpack and put our clothes into the cupboard so it doesn’t feel like we are living out of our bags.
For Kabir, we carry his little pillow from home. It comforts him and helps him sleep better.” 

hotel room like home - Chandreyi

Chandreyi Bandyopadhyay  


With her husband Joydeep, Chandreyi is a travel creator at The Moonchasers.

Chandreyi’s tips:Dedicate a space for work (if you are working while travelling) and try to make it away from the bed.”

She adds these tips for travelling in pandemic times:

“Choose cottages or isolated stays for yourself and family where you can spend time together yet have distinct spaces for yourself. 

“Carry a spray sanitiser to use on most frequented surfaces even if you are staying in a luxury property. 

“Double check on cleanliness with the owner or manager for smaller properties.

Carry a double or single bedsheet just in case you need it. Many places are running on short staff so immediate action might be difficult in case of complaints.”


r hotel room like home - Snigdha

Snigdha Bhowmick 


Snigdha and Sudipto De of Salt And Sandals are travel, food and wine writers

Snigdha’s tip: “Travel has always been about exploring new experiences, but amid the ever changing surroundings while travelling, there is one thing that remains constant. I take along a small quilt from my childhood on all my travels, as it makes adjusting to a new hotel bed that much easier. After a long day of wandering about, curling up under it allows me to sleep like a baby and wake up all charged for the next day.

hotel room like home - Rupali Dean

Rupali Dean


Rupali is a trained hospitality professional, nutritionist and ex-chef, a travel, lifestyle and food columnist, and a lifestyle photographer.

Rupali’s tips: “I love carrying a few framed family photos and spreading them around my room - makes me feel at home at once.

“You can also carry your favourite pillow or a bed sheet that you like to use at home. 

“Unpack immediately and keep everything in the cupboard , drawers etc.”

hotel room like home - Anindita Chatterjee

Anindita Chatterjee


Digital creator Anindita is a “passionate world traveller” who has experienced 70 countries.


Anindita’s tips: “After having travelled to 70 countries, suddenly being locked up at home has been super tough. It’s fantastic to know that parts of the world are now opening up!

Get acquainted and become friendly with the hotel staff - not only do you feel better with people you know all around you, they also end up taking special care of you. They can also help you with tips of all the hidden gems that you can visit in that city or country. An added bonus: exchanging pleasantries with the hotel reception has often resulted in getting a room upgrade; for a long stay, having the extra space helps in feeling at home in a foreign country. 

Get on a video call with your family or loved ones every day - wi-fi is available everywhere. 

“If you tend to crave homemade food and your hotel has a kitchenette, carry ready-to-eat Indian food and spices with you. Buy local pulses, vegetables or meat to cook yourself a delicious Indian snack or meal in your hotel room.”

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