Lucknow- The City Of Nawabs And Nawabi Food

Sep 30, 2021, 21:30 IST

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Lucknow is a "City Of Parks'', the hugely built parks of the city are a sight to marvel at. Along with the Parks, the city offers a glimpse of "Nawabi Culture" in its architecture/ monuments and food.

It is a multicultural city that flourished as a North Indian cultural and artistic hub since olden times. The Nawabs of the city patronized art and music and gave due respect to the same under their administration. The Nawabs were also known for their improvident way of life.

Lucknow was the capital of Awadh region, which was earlier controlled by the Delhi Sultanate and then by the Mughal Empire.
It was later transferred to the Nawabs. After the British Conquest, it lost its autonomy first to the East Indian Company, then later to the British Raj. It's origin can be traced back to the time it was referred to as Lakshmanpur in honour of Lakshman (Lord Rama's brother), who built the city.

In current times, Lucknow is the capital city of Uttar Pradesh and the 14th most populous city in the country. It is also home to absolutely magnificent monuments. Bada Imambara,Rumi Darwaza,Chota Imambara,The Residency,Ambedkar Memorial Park,Chhatar Manzil, Janeshwar Mishra Park, Dr. Ram Manohar Lohiya Park,Sikandar Bagh, Dilkhusha Kothi are a few among many others.

Along with the monuments, Lucknowites also have a taste for food and Lucknow is an icon when it comes to the Lakhnawi Nawabi Food. Be it the variety of Kebabs (Seekh,Boti,Galauti, and Tangri Kebab to name a few) to the Royal Chaat and Kulfi, Lucknow has it all for the foodie in us.

Talking about the markets, Lucknow's speciality is the famous Chikan embroidery. Hazratganj (Janpath) has some amazing stores for great chikan embroidery in the form of kurtas,plazzos,sarees and suits.

Accompanying the beautiful Chikan work, the markets of Lucknow are a abode for every shopper- From junk jewellery,itar,Indian footwear,coats etc..Hazratganj market caters to all.

Lucknow is blessed with a glorious past and it surely has an illustrious future ahead of itself.

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