A Year-and-a-half In The Pandemic

Sep 30, 2021, 21:36 IST

Image: Shutterstock

The pandemic opened our life to never witnessed before experiences and that too in locked homes--- the experiences or rather the insights we received in the past 1.5 years changed our lives, our thinking, our personalities in soo many different ways.
Solitude started getting more appreciated, the power of exercise-meditation and being fit was learnt by us all.

A lot of life lessons were learnt too.

Last year, being stuck at our homes, we realized how our life could actually still move on without a lot of unnecessary things. The initial few months were spent without going out,without any unnecessary shopping,conversations and meetings, without eating out,without eating junk. Most of all, we started living our lives without unnecessary noise and chatter.

Value of being around our loved ones, or having the time to share even a few moments with our family was taught to us by the pandemic-- the second wave also amplified the unpredictability of life and making the most of every moment. Nobody knows which moment can be somebody's last moment, so everytime you are with someone you love, tell them, value them and don't crib about any moment spent with the ones who matter the most.

There were a lot of people with whom we lost touch during the Pandemic, but if you see it as an opportunity, it was a blessing in disguise which taught us who really really matters. Very few people stuck by us in these tough times and you know that they should be valued for actually making an effort to keep a check on us, every few days. This also taught us independence; there were few people we spoke to just because we felt we needed them. But the Pandemic made it all clear-- we are enough, we can deal with things by ourselves. And we learnt to give credit to ourselves--- credit for sailing through the worst time of our lives.

For waking up every day and making food for ourselves, for finding different ways to engage ourselves and for finding out our "real ones" amidst the pandemic.

There's one last lesson that I learnt the hard way, but there was no other way I could have learnt it.

No matter how tight you hold on to someone,how much you crave them to be a part of your life, when the time comes, you will have to let go.

I always wanted to capture every moment-- worrying this might be my last moment with them but my fear didn't change the truth. It just didn't let me enjoy the beautiful moments God gave me with them.

And those moments are still there, saved the closest to my heart.

Living in the moment is the answer, to all our worries,all our fears, all our inhibitions.

And so,take it easy, take it "one day at a time" and be in the moment.

And even then if things don't fall in place, you will get the courage to deal with the things that didn't turn out in your favor.

If these words were said to me a few months ago, I wouldn't have understood the truth in these words.

But certain experiences later, I guess I'll have to say that the Pandemic was my greatest teacher---- an aggressively stern one, but the one who gave me the courage and wisdom to deal with things that I wouldn't have imagined to do even a few months before the pandemic struck the world.

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