An Unrivalled Journey in Law and Entertainment: Meet Priyanka Khimani

Oct 27, 2022, 18:31 IST


A renowned legal advisor, media strategist, and entrepreneur Priyanka Khimani and her firm Khimani & Associates are leaving no stone unturned to bridge the East-West dichotomy in Indian music consumption and introduce artists worldwide audiences.

With Music being a dear part of her life, an exposure to theatre, being a part of dynamic work environments since school, involvement in creative projects, taking up odd jobs in college like writing for daily soaps, radio, and award shows to even sangeet scripts and annual day programmes, and even modelling; she has done it all and how. With the willingness to put in the work and hours, and relieve financial pressures at home, Priyanka Khimani has come a long way. Not resting just yet, she attended law school believing that as an attorney, she could bridge the gap in the business's knowledge of artists' rights and the need for legal counsel in the entertainment sector.

From Lata Mangeshkar being her first client to now having an illustrious lineup of music producers, singers, film directors, actors, and screenwriters, as well as Emmy-nominated filmmakers and showrunners and Oscar and Grammy winners, Khimani & Associates has carved a niche for itself as a full-service law firm across all cross-sections of transactional, advisory and representational matters. She was also instrumental in advising, assisting, representing, and facilitating Canadian rapper and songwriter AP Dhillon's entry into Bollywood, as well as Warner Music India and Prateek Kuhad in their collaboration to create an acoustic version of the song 'Kasoor' for the film Dhamaka.

As for the future, her focus is to work towards an international expansion strategy to seamlessly cater to their diverse global clientele. “The foundation of being an advisor stems from a place of trust. At the end of the day, your clients come to you not only for your experience or knowledge but also because they trust you with some of the most critical decisions of their lives. So my advice is simple: learn to work hard at building a solid foundation for yourself, whether it's building industry knowledge, legal knowledge, or developing a lasting relationship with potential clients.” says Khimani as she advises others who want to operate across a diverse set of roles like her.

Over the last 12 to 18 months, her firm has offered guidance, assistance, and representation to a slew of leading international entities like Merlin, CD Baby, Downtown Music, and Berklee College of Music with their India operations. Khimani’s efforts to increase the transnational audience's accessibility to the Indian entertainment industry are unrivalled.