Believe In Yourself: Shruti Kanodia of Sagus Legal To Next-gen Leaders

Nov 16, 2022, 16:13 IST

Shruti Kanodia

One of the primary motivations for Shruti Kanodia, Managing Partner, Sagus Legal in starting her law firm was to create a workplace in which people can flourish while ensuring highest quality of service to the clients. “Our profession is an inextricable part of our life, just like our family, friends and interests. So, it is important that we enjoy what we do,” she tells us.


In the same vein, Shruti shares that what keeps her going is her belief in constant growth and her hunger for learning. “I genuinely enjoy trying to find workable legal solutions for real-life business problems and when your efforts bear fruit it is inspiring to work harder. Still, we all have our low moments and at that time it is my team and my family that carries me through,” she says.


With a well-established practice in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), banking and finance, regulatory advisory, insolvency and restructuring, dispute resolution and arbitration, Shruti informs that the immediate goal for Sagus Legal is to increase its presence in the market by venturing into more practice areas and newer geographies, including international markets. “Over the next few years, we plan to have pan India offices with more partners and practice area experts. Our goal is also to venture deeper into the interface of law and technology and make legal practice more time efficient and value oriented. We are also making inroads into technology law, data privacy laws, fintech and ESG,” she adds.


A large part of her work, Shruti also believes, is shaping next-gen leaders. “A lone wolf can only get so far. Believe in yourself, be passionate about what you do, work hard and take others with you. You have to set aside your fears and be ready to take risks but not be reckless,” she advises. She believes that roadblocks on the path to success can only be removed with confidence and a collaborative approach. “There is no substitute for teamwork. Just as Michael Jordon said, ‘You have to earn your leadership every day’. You will have to make difficult choices, but you should aim to maintain an overall balance. Build strong support systems to ensure you optimise use of your own energy,” she concludes.