Can Virtual Calls Ever Replace Real Human Interactions?

Sep 30, 2021, 21:37 IST

Image: Shutterstock 

Technology is fast-paced or rather it is running at the pace of light.
Who knew the speed of light could ever be beaten, but the speed at which technology is beating its own record can actually drive any human crazy.

Want to eat,want to shop,want to date,want to watch,want to learn-- The Internet is the one-stop for it all and more.

The past one-and-a-half years spent in our locked homes brought us even more close to being dependent on technology and the Internet for all our needs. Video calls replaced meeting people and having real-time conversations, emojis replaced our actual mood depictions,texts and voice notes replaced actual talks. But no matter, where technology reaches, the value of actual hugs can never ever come close to sending virtual hugs. And the beauty of sit-down conversations with our friends on the roadside chai tapri, birthday celebrations at 12 in hostel rooms are unmatched and irreplaceable.

The need of the hour is online classes, but no amount of zoom classes can bring us close to the brick-and-mortar class set-up.
Undeniably, technology and the Internet has made our lives extremely easy and comfortable. If it were not for online accessibility, the past couple of months would not have been possible.

But, the argument is that technology has made us so reliable,dependant and lazy that we have lost touch of our core human values.

It's true that smartphones are making mankind dumber.

There is everything on our plate,we are constantly being spoon-fed which has reduced human effort to zero or rather even negative.

No camera can capture the senses or body language of our fellow beings than the mighty eyes we are blessed with.
No text or call or emoji can be the possible substitute to the actual and real reactions on our faces.
And that's the essence of being a human.

Whatever be the speed or level of technology created by mankind, our innate expressions are and will always be the truest form of communication.

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