Ed-A-Mamma : A Solid Effort Towards Environment-Friendly Clothing

Sep 30, 2021, 21:39 IST


Image: Instagram

Ed-a-mamma is a concrete effort towards bringing our children closer to nature and instilling in them the value of Mother Earth

"The earth is what we all have in common"

- Wendell Berry

It has taken us all years to accept the truth of Berry's words.

We all have a nurturer within us, we just need to channel it to care for the one entity that nurtures us and supplies all our needs  Mother Earth.

Among the thousands of environment enthusiasts and climate warriors out there is the founder of a brand that works  towards bringing the younger generation of the planet one step closer to nature. She is a force to reckon with, in the Hindi film industry. With powerful performances backing her career, our 'Shandaar' Alia Bhatt has steered her life's journey onto a path that she is quoted as saying is very close to her heart.

Ed-a-mamma, a conscious clothing brand for children, that Alia has set up is just the tip of the iceberg of ideas that she has for her start-up.

Currently, the brand aims to cater to children with thoughtfully-designed playwear. The fabrics of the playwear are purely plant-based and degradable. The buttons are plastic-free, and the tags have been thoughtfully designed to be used as bookmarks. Fabric scraps are also utilised and made into accessories.

The prints are beautifully designed and are visual representations of stories  happy stories, heart-warming stories, beautiful stories that will teach children some of the most valuable lessons of life. Alia hopes they will help children make good choices, break stereotypes, and do their bit for the world.

Each garment is accompanied by a potli that contains a seed ball. The planting of the seed ball by kids and their parents is an activity aimed at bringing families closer to nature and the outdoors, and also give them time to bond in the lap of nature.

The brand encourages you to pass on these garments to other children, so that less waste is generated and the memories and feelings attached to each garment can be shared by more children.

Ed-a-mamma is a concrete effort towards bringing our children closer to nature and instilling in their minds the value of Mother Earth, towards letting our children breathe in a cleaner, greener world that they will grow up to look after. It is a step towards bringing the older generation back to their roots and childhood.

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