From A Childhood Dream To The 1st Human On Mars- Alyssa Carson And Her Jour

Sep 30, 2021, 21:30 IST

Image: Instagram

"When you can dream it,you can do it" ~ Walt Disney.

There is nothing in this world that cannot be achieved with the right mindset, hard-work, passion and the "never give up" spirit.
There are innumerable examples in the past who have stood strong and achieved their dreams and how. These exemplary men and women are the reason for every person's strength. Adding on to the list is a young 20-year- old, Alyssa Carson.
She is a force to reckon with for every youngster out there to never stop dreaming and don't let anyone take away your dreams from you.

Alyssa was just 3 years old when she set her mind and decided that she wanted to be an Astronaut and go to Mars, all just by watching a cartoon show named - "The Backyardigans".

As crazy as the dream might sound, she is reaching closer to her dream with every minute passing by.

The cartoon show sparked an idea in her mind, that she never lost track of and it's her consistency and drive that has made her cross all these milestones at such a tender age.

Carson lives a dedicated life of training,teaching and more of training and teaching. Being the youngest attendee of NASA MER 10 Panel, for future Mars missions. She is also the youngest to get selected to Advance POSSUM (Polar Suborbital Science In The Upper Mesosphere). Alongwith Project POSSUM, she also has done several other trainings to prepare herself like- Microgravity training,Water Survival training,G-force and Decompression training and classes on Space Atmosphere and Space Physiology. She aims to continue her education, study astrobiology and earn a pilot certificate.

All these achievements at such an age are an example of her sincere,dedicated and focused self. As she mentions in her TedTalk that she believes in "Changing the Paradigm"--to break stereotypes,barriers and the perceived pursuit of success.
In the TedTalk, she highlighted 3 key lessons, she learnt over the years, which include-

Putting in the Hard-work- Finding your passion is just one step, but working towards it is where the actual journey starts. The hard work you put in your dream will never go unnoticed.

With hard work comes sacrifice. Stick with your dreams, no matter how fun play sounds, never abandon your dreams. Few sacrifices are a price to pay to achieve the bigger goal.

"Find the right balance", a balance between work and play.

The most important of them all is "Never Give Up", no matter how crazy the world thinks you are..the crazy ones only can bring change- as said by Apple.

So believe in yourself, work hard and no dream can be a distant one.

Thank you for those wise words,Alyssa.

We wish you the best for your future missions.

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