Gauri Khan And Kabir Khan Walk Down Memory Lane On Her Show

Sep 29, 2022, 14:37 IST


The talented and multipotentialite Gauri Khan needs no introduction. This diva makes headlines on her own, and to add another feather to her well-adorned hat, she is now hosting a new show, Dream Homes with Gauri Khan, where she puts her keen design sense to use and offers nifty advice to famous celebrities. The show can be watched on the Mirchi Plus App, and the Mirchi YouTube channel.

The second episode features Kabir Khan, in which he reminisces how his friendship with Gauri dates back to their school years. He recalls how Gauri and him were a part of a musical called West Side Story. Interestingly, this musical happens to be the first-ever production of the famous Ashley Lobo, who has choreographed a host of songs in Bollywood. That’s not all, the duo have also been a part of the Puerto Rican gang, called the Sharks, where they’ve danced together. Incidentally, that’s also where Kabir met Shah Rukh Khan for the first time!

All this and more, along with a home transformation like no other, only on Dream Homes with Gauri Khan.

To catch the full episode, download the Mirchi Plus App NOW or log on to and witness the grand reveal of Kabir Khan’s redesigned space! Fans can also subscribe to Mirchi Plus YT channel and view the same episode there. To get the latest updates on the very first season of Dream Homes with Gauri Khan follow @mirchiplus on Instagram & Facebook.

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