Lessons learnt- Everyday Life In Non-Metro Cities

Sep 30, 2021, 21:40 IST

Credit: Naina Bajpai

Someone very rightly once said-
"Life is how you take it".
It's a tragedy if you believe it to be , it's a blessing only if you believe it to be so.

And who else can teach you the most valuable lesson of life than people of this country-- people who reside in smaller cities but live a life much much bigger than the ones who live in metro cities.
Life is today, it was not yesterday and it will not be tomorrow-- life is what you have today.
and these people know how to live and savour every moment of it.

Their day starts at 6 and ends by around 11 at night, on most days but the pace is not hurried, they decide their priorities.
It starts with getting ready, sharing washrooms but ends with a satisfied smile on the faces of not just the man of the family, but the woman, who for not once yearns to take a break and go on a vacation.
These duty-bound wives and mothers are the true heroes.
Starting their day by feeding their husband ,children and in-laws. Despite the daily chores they take out enough time to take care of even their distant relations. All this is possible because they are not yet caught up in the gruelling schedule of time and space.
Washing clothes, utensils ,making chapatis,
these women truly are the powerhouse of Indian society.

What makes the not-so glamorous life of non-metro cities unique, special and different is the fact that it is real.
Life back in these cities is real and governed by the pace which is decided by its residents.
These cities are also witnessing waves of modernism and development. There are growing market places, malls,cafes,restaurants etc.
But the essence of life has not changed even a bit. It is as Indian as it gets and that's what makes it real and soothing.

Reason or no reason,
People here always stick by each other. Celebration or mourning—they are united in their feelings for each other.
Whether electricity or no electricity (trust me it's a big enough problem),
water or no water, money or no money...the smiles on every face here is a treasure trove of lessons because the love what they are doing and how they are doing without bothering about the restrictions imposed by the metros. Lesser distances to commute also gives them time to live a better community life which is so important because man is ultimately a social animal. Life is beautiful when it is simple like our childhood with minimum expectations and finding joy in little things.

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