Life Of An Army Brat

Sep 30, 2021, 21:34 IST

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Being an Army Brat is an adventure like no other. It's like living in a parallel tiny universe-- the parties,mess stays,sports complexes,beautiful cantts are unique and truly irreplaceable.

A life of pride is the greatest life and we live that life. The perks of being a fauji brat are nothing compared to seeing our parents (mom/dad) don that uniform daily, and looking like the most dashing,charismatic and strong human being on the planet. It's this pride that brings the widest smile on our faces when asked about our father/mother's profession.

We all take extreme honour in having friends across the country. Be it Kankinara,Akhnoor,..... we have lived in places that a normal citizen's naked eye can easily miss out.

The beauty of a cantt and an entire universe that it holds are spectacles of the legacy left behind by the British.

For us 2 years count upto a lifetime-- a lifetime of memories and remembrance.

We might not get to see one of those places again, but a piece of our heart stays there-- it stays with the people who became our friends, it stays on those benches in the park where we laughed and laughed till the sun set, it stays in the swimming pool where we splashed and how,it stays in the fauji institutes where ice-cream and chips had no monetary value for us. It was just a chit that we signed with immense pride in our eyes.

No matter how old I grow, I can never leave behind the "faujiness" in me and because that's how we are brought up-- to be agile,to be adjusting,to be open to new experiences and most of all, being brought up with innate strength.

It takes a mighty strong woman to be a fauji wife, but it also takes immeasurable courage to be fauji kids.

Kids here live their life, with a doubt in the tiniest corner of their hearts-- of their brave parents but motherland comes first and we re-learn it every moment we see our dads or moms in the uniform they earn after vigorous training.

"Har kone pe choda apne dil ka ek hissa,

Fauji hona kya hota hai humne toh yeh roz seekha,

Har 2 saal main pata badla, aur har pate main ek naya ghar sajaya,

Zindagi, main yeh rang bhi kayi laya".

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