School Days Vs College Days

Sep 30, 2021, 21:29 IST


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"School"- this one word is capable of bringing the widest smiles on our faces and of course an overload of memories.

12 years of school pass by so quickly, almost within a snap, but leave behind memories that last lifelong.

If there were a few wishes ever to be granted to me, one would definitely be to time-travel to my school days, especially the last 2-3 years.

The last year of school was a deadly combination of "padhai" and "masti". It was quite a task to manage school grades and not miss on that one trip to the canteen, and bunking a few classes in the middle just to add to the "bag of our colorful school moments".

Those 20 minutes of school recess were enough for us to gather the gossip of the day,share lunch boxes,have a look at our crush and of course, tease our friends.

School days are, in every sense, the best days of one's life.

Even though homework and exams were quite pressurizing,that couldn't snatch away the happiness of going to school each day.
No matter what we wear, nothing matches our school uniform. It made each one of us look the best.

The smile on our faces,the glitter in our eyes and those cute little pigtails...were the best make-up one could ever apply.

There was something special and unique in each day, a moment to remember that day for.

Time really flies and makes these daily incidents, memories for us to hold onto.

No matter what we say, there truly can never be any comparison of school to college days.

College days have a different charm. College is where our fashion game actually takes a turn, where habits are either picked up or left, that stay with us for the rest of our lives, where relationships get a bit serious, where the race of life actually begins.

Where the words of Prof. Viru Shahstrabuddhi a.k.a Virus from 3 Idiots, echo in our ears daily, as a reminder to buckle up. It's a place where teachers become professors and unit tests turn into research assignments.

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College days for many of us got crippled, courtesy Covid-19. But whatever little I have of actual college days, is the unmissable fun, we as hosteliers used to have.

Hostel, College, and bunking classes for movies and casual date nights are the staple of every college student.

School and college nurture the kid in us, our childishness is preserved in this protected environment.

Our teachers and professors of school and college, are our best mentors..and at heart, our well-wishers.

To my dear School and College,

You both are incomparable. The lessons and memories with each of you are truly irreplaceable.

Both of you are kept safe in different corners of my heart.

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