What Is Social Media Doing To Us

Sep 30, 2021, 21:36 IST

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The power of social media is getting strengthened by the minute and the way I see it...it's a problem being brushed under the carpet. We all are so busy consuming whatever Instagram,Twitter or Facebook is throwing at us at all times, that there is no way we as users are understanding the "Bigger impact" it is having on us.

"The Social Dilemma", by Jeff Orlowski on Netflix was an eye-opener for the people who watched it.

Some of the top management professionals working at these tech giants, revealed the unregulated and unchecked powers in the hands of social media giants.

The impact it is having on us in terms of violence erupting as a result of social media clashes,spread of fake news and polarization is just one one side of the story. What it's doing to common users is all-together a different story.

The "validation" aspect of it, is overwhelmingly playing with the mental health of the majority of its users. Trolling,hate and cancel culture can severely hamper the well-being of any individual.

The need to post every single thing on social media is a problem, most of us don't realize.

We all eat pizza,we all meet our friends, we all hang out at beautiful cafes, we all do the "cool stuff". But, not all of us like to post about it. And the problem, is not with the people who post about their stuff willingly but with the ones who post it out of sheer peer pressure and out of the constant fear of missing out and in the attempt to keep up with the times, they fall prey to this loophole of sharing every single detail of their lives willingly or unwillingly and project a life that is artificially curated and is not a part of their authentic self.

With social media as the norm, we all have started to curate our lives around this perceived sense of perfection because we are used to getting rewarded in short-term signals like- hearts or likes and we conflate that with value and truth. It is this fake brittle popularity that is short-lived and leaves us even more vacant and empty.

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The biggest problem is that we don't realize that it's a significant enough problem. And till the time we don't, we will keep sinking deeper and deeper into the world of curated reality.