Convenient Ways To Reduce Your Menstrual Cramps

Sep 30, 2021, 21:36 IST


Image: Shutterstock

Haven't you girls ever thought, why periods can't last for like an hour? You know, like okay you have made your point. You may LEAVE now! But it is definitely not that way. Periods are rather uncomfortable, painful, and overall a mess. In both inside and outside of our body. And, it gets worse when you are supposed to ask for a Break from your Bed, and step out to conquer the world. In spite of the fact that your own world is swinging right now, and needs an immediate rescue.

But we can't give in, we owe this to the women before us who fought to have a life we live today. Don't you think? So, here's a little help to get you going, and to be the warrior princess intact.


Drink water. It is quite convenient. You can also have some juice. It will ease the bloating. Avoid Alcohol though. As it will lead to dehydration.

In other words, consume fluids as much as you can.

Eat Right
Try to avoid processed food. Include more veggies and fruits in your diet. As they contain natural flavors of sweet and sour; unlike the fast food that has added flavours and preservatives.

A physical activity as simple as walking will do. You must start your day with some yoga and exercise. Why this helps is because, when you work out or walk- the body releases Endorphins which is responsible to generate the feeling of well being.

Massaging your abdomen even for 5 minutes is good. As massage encourages blood flow.

Sound Sleep
Last but not the least. Having a proper sleep schedule is essential anyways. But becomes more important when you are on your periods. As your body is already getting drained by the imminent flow of blood. It requires a break more than anything to maintain the harmony of the body with limited energy.

And the one thing you need to keep in your mind is to be Kind to yourself. When you are going through this whole lot which is not in control; don't make it worse by overdoing your boundaries. It is completely okay to take off or ask for some time to rest when things become unbearable.