Malaika Arora Gives Us Sneak Peek Into Her Wellness Routine

Apr 23, 2022, 10:47 IST

malaika arora

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When we think of fitness idols, it’s impossible to not think about Malaika Arora – the ultimate Yoga queen. The star is one of those people who made wellness, yoga and health a cool, relatable and critical subject too. Arora has been serving *major* fitness inspiration for years now, and her healthy and fit persona is proof of her dedication. Her personal ardour for fitness and wellness also reflects in her business choices and brand associations. Today, we speak to her about her ideology of wellness at length. Excerpts from a chat:


What does wellness mean to you?

For me, wellness is not restricted to just fitness, rather it is holistic. I truly believe that it comes with the balance of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Even if one of these elements is not in a balanced state, wellness cannot be achieved. That is the reason why I meditate, follow an active lifestyle and try to eat healthy. However, in today’s day and age, eating healthy does not account for proper nutrition, which in turn leads to an imbalanced lifestyle. Modern Ayurveda fills that gap for me.

malaika arora

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What motivates you every morning to wake up and own it?

I have always been an early riser. I begin my day by taking a morning walk or a fitness session, and I truly cannot imagine kick-starting my day in any other way. Post my walk, I replenish my energy with an ayurvedic drink because this keeps me active the whole day. 


What’s your favourite form of exercise and why?

Yoga has been my best friend for a very long time now because it helped me in every stage of my life. I remember initially when I started it was difficult for me as well just like others but I overcame all the difficulties that I faced gradually. For me, Yoga is not just about working out or getting the right type of body or shape but it’s a way of life. I always make sure to dedicate some time to my fitness routine even when I’m travelling as exercising gives me inner peace and keeps my outlook positive. 

malaika arora

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Share some of your go-to tips to maintain inside-out well-being.

  • Drink healthy and nourishing juices like Kapiva Amla juice, Aloe vera juice, and other juices for your overall internal health.
  • Do yoga, meditation, and other activities to improve well-being and find time to simply relax your mind and body.
  • You could also add more healthy food, especially fruits and vegetables, to your daily intake.


What’s your way to relax and reset?

Every day I dedicate one hour to myself and that is my ‘Me time’. I utilise that time to do yoga and meditation. I like to soak up the sun for some much-needed vitamin D. During that time I keep my phone aside and concentrate on myself and my well-being.  


What are the go-to snacks that you binge on?

I always prefer to have light-healthy but yummy snacks which I usually eat in the evenings. I mostly like to have makhana, nuts, coconut chunks, and dark chocolate.


What place does fitness hold in your life?

Fitness is worship for me purely because it helps my mind, body, and soul. My fitness goals include staying healthy and it is not just about physical fitness, mental fitness is equally important. I focus on practising yoga, working out, and stretching depending on the body’s goals and interests. 


You play so many roles in your life. Which is your favourite one and why?

Being a mother is hands down my favourite role. It’s hectic yet fulfilling at the same time and I love it. Apart from that, I am enjoying my journey as an entrepreneur and investor so far. The study and research that goes behind picking up a brand for investments are very exciting and new for me and I am loving every bit of it.


malaika arora

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Do you believe in giving the gut a detox? If yes, how do you do it?

Yes, absolutely! I cannot even emphasise enough on how important it is to detox on a regular basis. Detoxification minimises the toxins in your body, and thus, allows your body and mind to be free from negativity. It also revitalises your energy levels. My preferable way of detoxifying is opting for an Ayurveda detoxifying juice, in addition to that, increasing my water intake. 


What’s that one healthy food that you seriously relish?

Biryani, in moderation, she smirks.

malaika arora

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What are some wellness tips you’d like to share for the summer?

  • Proper hydration is important any time of the year, but it’s especially important in the summertime sun and heat. Remember to boost your water intake if you spend time in the heat.
  • Eat light, small, frequent meals. Heavy meals with large amounts of carbohydrates and fats give rise to a lot of heat in the body. You can focus on fresh fruits and vegetables that have high water content – such as oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, etc.
  • Alcohol, soft drinks, and coffee all can leave you dehydrated quickly. If at all possible, try to reduce the amount of these favourite beverages, especially during this hot weather. 

malaika arora

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Finally, what would you like to tell someone who’s procrastinating (any form of) workout?

Without regular activity, your body slowly loses its strength, stamina, and ability to function properly. So, make it a habit to follow an easy fitness regime, such as walking regularly. It will lead you down a more productive path. Practising these things on a daily basis and making them a part of your lifestyle will bring immense change in your everyday life, your thought process, and your personality. That is why I recommend people to follow a routine, eat right and meditate to bring balance between their body, mind, and soul so that they can become the ideal version of themselves.


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