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Oct 14, 2022, 15:46 IST


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There's nothing abnormal about women having facial and body hair, and doing away with it, or not, is absolutely an individual choice. While women usually have thin, fine hair on the face, neck, back, etc., for some, thick, dark and coarse hair sprouts in a male-type pattern. This can be a psychological burden, not to forget the significant intrusion it creates in daily life. Such excess hair growth or hirsutism is often the symptom of an underlying health issue like polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

Did you know that one in five women are likely to suffer from PCOS? This common disorder predominantly affects women of reproductive age, causing various symptoms, and is also a factor for infertility. While the exact cause of PCOS is unclear, there are few factors considered to be responsible for this health condition, such as insulin resistance, low-grade inflammation, excess androgen, a male sex hormone. Additionally, obesity can increase insulin levels and worsen PCOS symptoms. The condition is also hereditary.

Symptoms Of PCOS

  • Ovaries that are large or have cysts
  • Irregular periods or very light periods
  • Weight gain, especially around the abdomen
  • Thinning hair or male-pattern baldness
  • Acne or oily skin
  • Dark or thick patches of skin on the back of the neck, in the armpits, and under the breasts
  • Skin tags on the neck or in armpits

Treating PCOS is about managing the symptoms that affect you, for example, regulating periods can be done with medication and lifestyle changes like eating right can help with acne or obesity.

While every symptom triggered by PCOS needs to addressed, dealing with unwanted facial hair on an everyday basis poses quite the challenge for a lot of women. This symptom is often the result of excess androgens, a male hormone (which the female body also produces, but in small amount than males). Some research es also blame insulin resistance as the reason for ovaries to produce more androgens. Whatever may be the cause to trigger excess androgen release in a female body, more often than not, it leads to more hair on your face and body. But don't let the stress of looking and feeling your best overwhelm you; manage your PCOS symptoms with simple lifestyle changes and products designed for ease!

Dealing With Unwanted Facial Hair


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Dealing with facial and body hair using conventional methods can sometimes leave you with skin burns, inflammed or irritated skin, making PCOS all the more hard to manage, and ending up being a waste of efforts, money and time.

If you're nodding your head in agreement, we've something for you - the Braun Face Mini Hair Remover FS1000, an electric facial hair remover which is easy, quick, safe and convenient alternative for hair removal.


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To make daily life easier, you need something that is easy to use and convenient to tackle unwanted facial hair. The Braun Face Mini Hair Remover FS1000 is not only quick and gentle, but is ideal for the on-the-go woman. Use it on your upper lips, cheeks, chin for the perfect look. It’s small, compact, has a battery-operated rotary shaver that offers cut free, painless hair removal. It also comes with built-in white smartlight for ease of use.



While you consider this life-changing device to make your struggles with hair removal less challenging, do watch out for other symptoms and address them with expert views, lifestyle changes and regular eating and workout routines. Feel free to share this link with the women in your life and make them as aware as you are.

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