How To Deal With Stress By Following

Sep 30, 2021, 21:35 IST

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Dealing with life can get hectic and chaotic at times, but that's also when you take life as a challenge. Sometimes, life should just be lived like a new feeling,each day.

Following the "One day at a time" mantra really helps on tough days, on days when life seems impossible to deal with.

Taking everyday as it comes, living for today and not worrying about the future are all easier said than done. But when followed, they make life much much easier and joyful.

When today is lived for today-- every problem and every task is taken for today and nothing lies on tomorrow, fear of missing the deadlines, fear of failing and fear of losing reduces. That's because one gives his/her best, when there is no added pressure.

Fear is one of man's greatest enemies and when we worry too much about the future, nothing but pressure, anxiety and self-doubts arise.

Planning your day really helps. When you give tasks to yourself to complete each day,

the feeling of completion naturally diminishes the fears. Planning just organizes one's life. Giving yourself tasks for each day is imperative and it helps reduce the procrastination phenomenon. By completing tasks on a daily basis, you automatically feel happy.

So, start by assigning yourself tasks that you have to do (school/college/work), note them down and strive towards completing the ones you have for today. Don't think about the next day's tasks and you will be surprised that with each passing day, your work is getting done more systematically, without any added stress. Although, it will not completely reduce your inhibitions and fears, but act towards minimizing it.

There are wonderful songs on Living life as it comes and being in the moment, but we all succumb to life pressures at some point. But the reality of it is to grow and learn all the way.

Today might be a hectic day,tomorrow might not be. But when life is organized and when life is taken in stride,nothing can dim your will and confidence.

Hectic days will come and go, workload can get unmanageable but the ball still lies in your court--- you have the power to either get dejected by the pressure or to either get up-- take the smallest steps but get the work done.

It might be so that efforts can go in vain, and all that matters to the world is the final outcome. This practice might not get your work done but it will surely change your perspective towards your work. Work will not get easy, but as I see it, you will be powerfully steering your mind in believing that the work is easy.

So, live life today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not yet here.

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