Jar Of Happiness And Its Impact

Sep 30, 2021, 21:36 IST

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What derives happiness?
The answer is simple but not easy to follow--
Eternal happiness can only and only come from inner peace and well-being. And inner peace is an outcome of living a life of gratitude.
"Count your blessings,
Name them one by one,
And it will surprise you,
What the lord has done". ~ Guy Penrod

It doesn't take a lot in saying "practice gratitude" but it takes a lot lot more when one actually starts believing in the power of gratitude. In days of struggle and hardships, it's human to not see the bright side, to overlook it. But, when our mind is at complete peace with the truth, it seeks to follow the path of gratitude.

There is a lot to be grateful for, but complaints and demands never end.

So, when you crib over a smartphone or other material stuff, try to inculcate in yourself this habit.
Take a small glass jar, or some other tin, even a used can can also work. Anything that has some space within can be used, like a plastic bottle's lower portion.

And cover it with a chart paper or any sort of paper to make it look like a clean space where you can store. When the jar is ready, write on a piece of paper at the end of each day, a line about your happiest moment in the day...collect it for a few months. And whenever you are feeling low or unhappy, take out those chits from the can.

Those archived happy moments from the past will give you a reason to be happy and grateful.

Your own anecdotes of some of the best days of your life will give you the courage to sail through the rough days.

The "Jar of Happiness" is a great source of reinforcement. Initially, there will be days when you will not find even a single very happy moment to write about. But as time passes by, it will inculcate in you a value to look at the smallest moment of joy that you might have overlooked in the initial days of documentation.

It will reinforce in you the power of finding joy in the smallest of things. Happiness is a state of mind, and if you change-- the way you have conditioned yourself to believe in that happiness can only be in the biggest of achievements then you will keep losing the essence of finding joy in buying plants,re-arranging your wardrobe,making Maggi, or even spending some quality time with oneself.

Open your mind to capturing moments in your eyes, don't wait for snapping every single moment that you perceive to be a happy one; because the most special and joyful moments in our lives are tooo special to be captured in a single picture.

So next time, when you head out to have an ice-cream, remind yourself that it's a small treat you are giving to yourself for the things you manage to do all by yourself on a daily basis.

Trust me, we all are doing things we never knew we would be able to; so never compare your own journey to somebody else's and never not ignore the small things that bring about even a slight smile on your face.
Document those moments because they'll give you the strength and power when you require it the most.

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