Mental Health During Covid Times

Sep 30, 2021, 21:05 IST


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The past 1-and-half years have been extremely tough on each one of us. It has been the most uncertain and unpredictable period of our lives. Last year, with the initial lockdown, we still could gather ourselves to be creative but now, with the second wave hitting all of us, it left us in our most vulnerable state. With losing family members,coping with online jobs/college/school/internships, there was a time when we all were at the brink of losing patience, hope and faith. No doubt,there have been days in the series of lockdowns we've been under, where we have chilled,spent some quality time with our family, friends and also had some good me-time but there were days that were exceptionally rough. The one thing that this entire scenario taught me is that it's okay to NOT be okay. It's okay to cry, it's okay to just stay in bed all day, it's okay to not feel your very best, everyday. Quarantine caused tons of recurrences of mental health disorders, psychotic breaks and suicide attempts. Loss of jobs, being stuck at homes and missing friends caused bouts of depression, increased domestic violence and child behaviour problems. There were many people who got separated from their families during the first lockdown. This sort of separation gives out a feeling of being alone and lost. If you are putting up alone then not being able to go out or do the things that usually made you feel better could be taking a huge toll on your mental and physical health. While for some, the lockdown has brought out the creative sides of their personality and they may even have discovered some hidden talents but there are also many who feel out of place and find themselves being distant from the things they loved to do. For our generation, sometimes, being surrounded by our family members the entire day can also be exhausting and could lead to conflicts between parents and children. The Pandemic is contributing to an increase in depression and stress, as we are facing very challenging times. When the pandemic hit us, it left all of us worried about our finances,businesses,jobs,health,loved ones and education.
Since, we all have our fair-share of struggle in keeping up with our mental health.

It becomes all the more important to be your own best friend and listen to your own self, and love yourself unconditionally. Choose self-love today, tomorrow and everyday. It's also really important to speak out about your mental state, only then will you know that you are not alone and venting out your feelings to anyone you feel comfortable with, will really really help.

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