Ad campaigns we love

Oct 1, 2015, 15:45 IST

Squirm all you may at those fairness cream ads you see on television, there are some heart-warming 

ones that you occasionally come across that make you feel the world is not set to doom after all. Here’s Healthntrends’s list of ad campaigns that brought a smile on our faces and of course, a sigh of relief too.  


1. Tumhari Amma by Omron Healthcare

Healthntrends loves the latest film by Omron Healthcare called Tumhari Amma where a daughter urges her widowed mother to remarry. In the ad film, the mother receives a letter from her daughter, where she 

addresses her as beta, reversing their roles. She sends her an Omron BP monitor stating that ‘some things are good to know’. She also reveals that she has found a life partner who she will bring home for 

Diwali. It is later revealed that she has found a match not for herself, but for her mother. When her mother questions, the daughter says, ‘Some things are good to know, some things are not’. 


2. Havells Appliances ad campaigns

 ‘Women are not kitchen appliances’, Havells Appliances brought home this point in a manner that had us rolling on the floor laughing (yes, I meant ROFL). A series of five ad films around the theme of respect for women were created for kitchen appliances like coffee maker, steam iron, mixer, etc. See the one on the coffee maker here and hey, it does not even need a visa to travel!

3. Titan Raga’s ‘The Raga woman of today #HerLifeHerChoices’

The ad is set at an airport lounge where actor Nimrat Kaur is reading a book when someone asks if the seat beside her is taken. She looks up and finds out it is in fact a man she once dated. They share a warm

hug and start talking. When she asks him as to how he has been, he retorts ‘The same as when you had left me.’ The conversation veers towards how their relationship could have worked if Nimrat had quit her job and the low blow is when the man says, “How can a man not work, yaar?” Nimrat’s response is classic! “You are still the same as how I had left you!” You go girl!

4. The Airtel ad film called the ‘Boss’

The Airtel ad film featuring a woman boss who wants the job to be completed before her team leaves for the day created a lot of stir on social media. It is only after she returns home late evening and starts cooking for her husband who is busy working late, and whom she is seen urging to come home early using her smartphone, do the viewers realise that she is his boss. Well, if the woman wants to go home and cook, it is completely her choice. We don’t feel it reiterates the gender bias it is trying to fight and
hey, someone dared to think different.

5. Lloyd unisex washing machines

The ad shows in a subtle and interesting manner that washing clothes is not and should not be women's department.  The team behind the ad film says that the idea was to build a connect with the women by flagging the issue of men totally abdicating their contribution in washing clothes. Our take, it is not a woman’s responsibility to take care of the household. Both men and women need to do it equally!