Everyday Essentials Every 20 Year Old Must Have In Her Bag

Sep 30, 2021, 21:13 IST


Image: Shutterstock

There is a mystery to every woman's bag. The mystery is that you will never find the exact same things in our bags, because everything in the bag responds to one's needs. That can differ from person to person. But still there are few essentials which are common. The product brand might differ, but it is important to have them along with you. Especially, when you are now out living on your own, and new to all this, and beginning to learn to take care of you, for some without your mother's affectionate nags as you moved out of your house to pursue your dreams. Hah! Very much like a 20 year old.
So, here presenting some bits to ease your task a bit.

A good spacious bag
Ya, you can't have things to keep when you don't have anything to keep it in.

Sanitizer and wet wipes
This should be in your bag always, disregarding if the pandemic is there or not. Hygiene is very important and you never know when you might need it.

Including some cash, ID's, credit or debit cards, or whatever you think is important to keep with you.

Sun screen
Don't step out of your house without applying it. And as it is supposed to be reapplied from time to time accordingly. You need to keep that handy.

Lip balm and the correct Moisturizer
Hydration is a must for skin.

Scrunchies for hair
As you never know, when you need to tie up your hair to get the work done without any intervention from your gorgeous flicks.

Your phone
Ya you guys must be thinking why this is in last even though it is the most essential. Well that's exactly the point. It is such an important part of our life that we might forget to breathe once but not to check our phones.
So, it is last but not the least.

Our bags are literally the whole world to us. We could be stranded to an island and still manage to survive if we had our bags with us. Ya, it do bothers sometimes but what to do we have to be our own Knight in the shinning amour! As we are independent, right ladies?