Things To Learn From The Late Kamla Bhasin About Feminism

Sep 30, 2021, 21:05 IST


Image: Shutterstock

'Men of quality do not get afraid of equality', one of the profound things said by late Mrs. Kamla Bhasin. An activist, author, and poet were the tools she used to enlighten our society about the deeply ingrained patriarchy.

She proved that girls with dreams become women with vision; right. How right education, constitutional rights, freedom, and liberty is a must for everyone, was her first priority.

Speaking up her mind was not an option for her, ever. Being bold, unapologetic about her opinion was her way of carrying herself.

Being deeply informative was not a choice but a way of living for her. From working in UN, or making her appearances on different shows like the one most talked about was ' Satyamev Jayate- hosted by Aamir Khan'. She used such platforms to disseminate as much information she can to people, for them to ignite their mindsets.

Her biggest emphasis was on 'change is the only constant thing'. She constantly voiced her opinion on how the society was built on the idea of oppression of women and the weak. And it is going to take a while to fix the damages done, but that doesn't mean we should not try!

We are equal. Her thought on it is really not the gender but the ideology, the abuse of power which is the problem. She was fair enough to admit that women can do wrong too, to men and sometimes even to other women as well. It is not a revolt about men vs women; it is actually right vs wrong.

We truly lost a gem. But again efforts never go in vain. She has managed to inspire a generation of people. Her work has been, and is going to be a great help for us to learn and update our system. She ignited the torch, now it is our job to complete the journey. Let' s work together.