Will you choose beautiful?

Apr 9, 2015, 12:29 IST

dove choose beautiful ad

Amid all the debates and analysis over Deepika Padukone’s My Choice video over the past few days, Dove has released a new ad that urges women to make an important choice – that of feeling beautiful, every day!
As part of its new campaign Choose Beautiful that covered cities like San Francisco, Shanghai, Delhi, London and São Paulo, Dove tries to highlight how women perceive themselves. The team set up two entryways into the same building under the labels “average” and “beautiful”.

You can see the reluctance before women enter the building, trying to figure out which way to go and then labeling themselves “average”! While a mother carrying her kid in her arms is seen choosing “average”, another mother is seen leading her daughter toward the “beautiful” door.

The ad has a simple message, when women make so many choices every day in the best interest of those around them, why can’t they make a choice for themselves, a choice to feel beautiful? The ad is trying to make women feel beautiful from the inside and out and not get affected by what is constantly bombarded at them through various media or bother about other’s opinions or definitions of beauty.

On the way to women’s empowerment, feeling beautiful, no matter what is one of the important choices that women should make! Watch the video and have a beautiful day.